03 July 2009

The James Randi Educational Foundation Donates, with Lots of SkeptiLove

Today, the James Randi Educational Foundation donated nearly 1,000 t-shirts to the Ft. Lauderdale non-profit organization Jack and Jill Children's Center, with much SkeptiLove.

Jack and Jill Children's Center is devoted to educating children in low-income families, and does a lot of community outreach as well.

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SkeptiLove sent this letter to accompany the donations:
Jack & Jill Children’s Center,

Hello, my name is Alison Smith, and I am the founder of a
new group called SkeptiLove, which is devoted to reporting on the generosity of
secularists, humanists, agnostics, and atheists.

We believe that it doesn’t take faith to bring individuals
together to do charitable works, and put an emphasis on kindness to our fellow
man to relieve suffering wherever we can.

Thank you for all your hard work in the education of
children from low-income families, and for accepting this clothing donation from
the James Randi Educational Foundation.

If you’d like to read more about SkeptiLove’s cause, please
feel free to visit us online at http://www.skeptilove.com.

All you need is love. Pass it on.

Alison Smith

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This donation was given by the following people at the James Randi Educational Foundation, let's thank them all:

James "The Amazing" Randi - for his tireless devotion to confronting irrationality wherever he may find it, and his ability to maintain such a strong sense of kindness and generosity in the face of anger.

Sean McCabe - for grabbing every opportunity to help his fellow man.

Jose Alvarez (famed skeptic from The Amazing Carlos Hoax) - for his eternal support to a wonderful organization, and to the people within it.

Fernando Balbuena - for adding beauty to the world with his artwork.

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  1. such an honor to find you....
    found an old letter written by
    DAN GARVIN a former scientologist and found my way here....

    all out love
    nate and mona

    ps.. awesome blog... you all rock...
    now that's doing something for your community..