15 July 2009

SkeptiLove at TAM 7: What we accomplished

SkeptiLove's launch at The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 was really something. Over two hundred launch CDs featuring love songs performed by skeptical musicians were distributed in thanks for the donations to the Three Square food drive. 

The food drive donations were dropped off today, by the way, by Sean McCabe.

We donated 142 pounds of food, and $1,656.25 to feed the hungry of southern Nevada.

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There were so many donors, it's impossible to list them all - and if I happen to forget anyone, I apologize deeply. Matt Fiore, however, donated the largest single amount of money - over $200 - and was closely followed by JC Hrubovcak. Hal Bidlack kicked us off as the very first donor. 

Michael Goudeau very kindly donated tickets to Lance Burton: Master Magician that were awarded to Fiore for his wonderful donation. 

Banachek and James Randi both sponsored magic bears in silent auctions that benefitted Ronald McDonald House. Lana Harvey and Jen Newport were the high bear bidders, at over $300 together, and got to keep the autographed bear birth certificates. They will also receive photographs of the magicians snuggling their corresponding bears.

Stephen Packard, Paul Turner, Drew Russell, Jeff Wagg, Mitch Lampert, and Jerry Jobe signed up to provide dinner for a fellow TAMgoer. 

Kitty Mervine, Kochanski, Randy Pischel, and iiwo (amongst others) helped out with the food drive by manning the JREF Forum table, collecting money, and distributing food. 

Plans for a clothing drive are moving forward, and I hope you'll check back again soon for information on how you can help, no matter where you are located. 

Thanks to everyone who donated food, time, and kindness to SkeptiLove. I wish we could list every single person here, but the help came from EVERYwhere, and I think we'd be listing a whole phone book. We proved, during TAM, that there doesn't have to be a god behind every altruistic act.

All you need is love. Pass it on.

-- Alison


  1. This is awesome. If Skeptilove does another charitable drive, I'll definitely pitch in! (And promote it at school, too...)

  2. So there I was, writing up a list of questions for my local critical thinkers re: are they interested in getting involved in a service or fundraising project, and if so, what kind? I thought...hey...there was that SkeptiLove thing at TAM...let's look for their website. And, lo and behold...I see my own name! That was a surprise. Anyway, I'm looking forward to spurring my local skeptics to action. I'll keep you updated if we do anything of interest.
    --Jennifer Newport