04 July 2009

TAMgoers: Need Help? Or, Have Help to Give?

SkeptiLove is aware of the state of the economy these days. We know that TAMgoers might not have as much spare money on-hand as they usually would. Many attendees are coming on scholarships, sharing rooms, and are cutting costs by not attending any of the optional activities.

Other TAMgoers have a bit of money to spare and are looking for a way to help out.

This is where SkeptiLove comes in. We are pairing TAMgoers who want to help with TAMgoers who need an extra boost to get through the weekend, and are arranging dinners.

If you are one of these people (either a helper or a helpee), please write to skeptilove@gmail.com to be paired up!

And don't fret if you're a helpee and don't like "accepting charity". The helpers are getting something out of this too - a new friend at TAM! In a sea of over 900 people, developing a close relationship right of the bat is a great thing.

And, outside of your helper and us at SkeptiLove, this will be totally anonymous for helpees.

Please do write in! Some people have already contributed, like

Paul Turner - who has an unmatched zest for helping out.

Jeff Wagg - who can be counted on in any situation.

Jason Epstein - who loves a good cause, and meeting new people.


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